Amazing film with Kenzie Love. Trying To Focus My One Track Mind

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Anthony Pierce was supposed to study, but when his tutor Kenzie Love tries to quiz him, he can't seem to answer anything. Instead, Anthony just sits and stares at Kenzie's boobs. When Kenzie realizes the source of Anthony's distraction, she pops her tits out so he can see them and move on. She attempts to continue the lesson, but now Anthony can't hide his boner.Exasperated, Kenzie offers to drain Anthony's balls so she can get the lesson moving. Talk about Anthony getting everything he's dreamed of! His hot tutor leaves her glasses on as she sucks his cock. When she Kenzie realizes that she's really impressed by the size of Anthony's dick and that he's still hanging in there without cumming, she decides to take things even further and peel her own clothes off for some mutual fun.Climbing onto Anthony's lap, the bigtit tutor rides him in reverse cowgirl. Then she gets on her back so Anthony can stare at those big jugs as they jiggle with every one of his thrusts. Kenzie can't stop now, so she rolls onto her knees and moans long and loud as Anthony gives it to her in doggy. She finally achieves full ball drainage as they spoon together, with Anthony pulling out at the last second to nut on Kenzie's stomach. Now Kenzie is confident Anthony can concentrate on studying.
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