Good clip concerning Emily Willis. That 70s Ho Hyde Moves On In

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Jackie is pissed at Kelso for cheating on her with Laurie, so she insists that he needs to do something sweet for her to make it up. He tries bringing her donuts, but before he can get them back to her he eats most of them. Flowers that Kelso has picked from the yard aren't any better. Kelso runs back to the kitchen to try to think of something better, which is where Hyde finds him. Hyde says he knows how to help and then takes off.Hyde goes right to Jackie's room, where he tells her that Kelso said to fuck him so she can get back on Kelso for fucking Laurie. Jackie agrees. She crawls across the bed to pop Hyde's stiffie out of his shorts, then puts her hands and mouth to work for a combo handie and BJ. Then she turns around on her hands and knees so Hyde can sink balls deep into her cooch doggy style. The two of them are nearly caught when Kelso returns with flowers from the neighbor's yard. Jackie kicks Kelso out yet again, then goes back to banging his friend.Hyde takes advantage of their position to spoon with Jackie. She lets him have his way for a few minutes, then climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action. As she gets closer, Jackie rolls onto her back. Hyde brings her off, then pulls out and cums on her stomach. Kelso returns as they're basking in the afterglow with the news that he has called Eric over to fuck Jackie. Smug, Hyde tells Kelso that he said he'd help.
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