Miraculous video recording relating to Ginger Gray. Is That A Shark In Your Pants

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Penelope Kay and her friend Ginger Gray are having fun playing with sharks to celebrate shark month. Penelope's stepbrother Rico Hernandez comes in and asks what they're doing. When the girls explain, Rico announces that he'd be the dominant shark. He goes on to tell Penelope that maybe she'll bleed on shark week so he can be the shark. Penelope rises to the challenge as Ginger looks on, claiming that she'd bit Rico so hard. When Rico says maybe he'd like it, Penelope kicks him out of her room. Once Rico is gone, the Ginger points out that maybe she and Rico fight because Penelope wants to fuck him. Penelope shoots back that Rico wants to fuck her and breed with her; she knows because she overheard him on the phone with a friend. Later that day, the girls are getting busy with their shark toys as they lay in bed together masturbating. Rico once again walks in on them, only to get one hell of an eyeful. Fortunately for him, they don't notice he's there. He has the chance to just stand there and perv on his hot stepsis and her friend until Ginger notices him. She doesn't out him, but she does give him a do me smile as she steps up the game with her shark dildo. Ginger continues to get it on with her toy until Rico eventually leaves.Later, Penelope dresses in a shark hoodie and goes to confront Rico. Ginger eggs on the obvious sexual tension between the stepsiblings until Penelope embraces her inner shark and attacks Rico. Ginger watches the two wrestling in bed for a minute until she joins them to pull out Rico's hard dick. She sucks Rico off over Penelope's weak protests until Penelope joins in for a double BJ. Then Ginger gets on her hands and knees to eat Penelope's snatch as Rico fucks her from behind. Rico lays down so his busty stepsis can ride him in reverse cowgirl before swapping out with Ginger, who bounces away in cowgirl. When Penelope takes Rico between her thighs, Ginger sits on Penelope's tongue and urges Rico to cum inside his stepsis. He does as he's told, giving Penelope a creampie full of little swimmers for Ginger to scoop out and snowball with her BFF.
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