Diverse video belonging to Andi Rose. Step Daughter Wants Sex To Reduce Stress

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Quinton James is just reading his paper when his stepdaughter, Andi Rose, joins him on the couch. Andi is obviously in a mood about something, and eventually Quinton asks what's up. It turns out that there's been drama at school and now no one is speaking to Andi. While Andi is explaining the problem, she starts peeling off her clothes. When Quinton tries to figure out what Andi is trying to do, Andi claims that she has read online that clothes make stress worse because they restrict blood flow. Quinton is quick to try to get Andi to cover up before her mom comes home, but that doesn't satisfy Andi. She lets Quinton pull her thong back up, then insists that he needs to massage her back to help her destress. Although he is reluctant to give Andi the opening, Quinton agrees. Andi, as expected, takes every opportunity to shake that ass and rub it against her stepdaddy. When she gets him nice and hard, she guides his hands between her thighs. Getting daddy's hands on her tits is Andi's next priority. She knows that Quinton's resistance is worn through when she spots a bit hard stiffie that's ready for her to start sucking!The only thing that can pull Andi's mouth off the D is the promise that she's gonna get fucked. She sits herself down in Quinton's lap and goes for a stiffie ride as Quinton squeezes her bouncing titties. Then she gets on her knees so Quinton can eat her out and slam home in doggy. Andi just can't get enough of her stepdaddy's brand of stress relief as she climbs back on top for a cowgirl ride. Falling to the side, Andi lifts one leg nice and high so that Quinton can spoon with her until he gives her cum craving twat a big fat creampie. At the end, Andi is all smiles because Quinton has definitely helped her feel better.
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