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Chloe Cooper is preparing for a romantic night with Danny Mountain. She begins by showering and soaping up her lush body. Then she dries off and slips into some seriously sexy lingerie: a sheer bra that hugs her curves and a dress that highlights her incredible figure.Before Chloe can even leave the bathroom, Danny is there behind her and letting her know without words just how much he appreciates her hot body. Turning Chloe in his arms, Danny goes to work with his hands. He palms Chloe's pussy, leaving her breathless as he caresses her. Sinking lower, he pops Chloe's big naturals out of her bra to take them as far into his mouth as possible as he keeps on stroking that pussy.Chloe is just as hungry for a good time as Danny. She gently disengages from his roaming hands and mouth, then turns the tables on him. As Danny leans back against the counter, Chloe gets on her knees so she can love every inch of his cock with her hands and mouth. She doubles down on Danny's pleasure with a titty fuck between those soft pillows. When the couple can't take another moment apart, they come together right there in the bathroom. Chloe stands with one leg propped against Danny's hip as he slides on home. Leaning forward to open herself up even further, Chloe rubs her own clit as Danny fucks her from behind.Relocating to the bedroom, the couple makes excellent use of the bed. Danny lays Chloe down and licks the juices of their combined passion from her twat. Then he reenters the velvet glove, sliding nice and deep as Chloe encourages him with moans. When Danny gets on his back, Chloe climbs aboard to ride him in reverse cowgirl as her busty boobies bounce.Getting on her hands and knees, Chloe grinds her ass against Danny's erection. He slams back home, giving it to her in doggy. When Chloe falls onto her back, Ryan follows her down to keep dicking her down until she reaches her peak one last time. Knowing that he has fully satisfied his love, Ryan pulls out to blow his load all over her incredible breasts.
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