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Johnny Palms is laying in bed on his cell phone when his girlfriend, Chloe Surreal, returns home from work. The first thing Chloe does is peel her bra off for some relief from the restrictive fabric. Crawling into bed, Chloe lets Johnny rub her feet as she tells him about her day.Chloe is hoping for more than just a foot rub from her boyfriend, and as she melts into Johnny's hands she finds that he's happy to deliver. Hiking up Chloe's miniskirt, Johnny relieves her of her thong and then the skirt itself. He unbuttons her shirt and sprays those g-cup boobs down with oil, then rubs it in with his big palms.Finding Chloe's bare twat nice and wet, Johnny gives her a kiss and then works his way south. Each nipple gets a nip, and then Johnny settles between Chloe's thighs. He licks at her clit, then comes back up her body so that he can whip his hardon out and deliver a titty fuck that gets Chloe moaning. By the time Johnny slides down Chloe's thick body again and gives her pussy another lick, he finds her drenched and oh so ready for the D.Giving it to Chloe as she lays on her back with her hands kneading her breasts is just the start. Johnny gets his blonde lover on her hands and knees next so he can slam into her from behind. Chloe rocks back to meet every one of Johnny's doggy style strokes, mewling and squirming as she does.When Johnny lays down on his back, Chloe is quick to take the hint. She climbs aboard for a reverse cowgirl ride. With her massive naturals jiggling and bouncing on every thrust, Chloe gives it her all before returning to her back so Johnny can bring her off one last time.On her knees in front of Johnny, Chloe hefts those big ones up for him to enjoy another titty fuck. That's plenty of friction for Johnny to reach his own grand finale. The huge platform of Chloe's boobies is the perfect landing spot for Johnny to blow his load and give her a salty delight.
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