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Sofi Ryan has been really into the idea of getting with Sam Shock for a while. She finally gets her chance when she has a study session with Sam. Decked out in a lacy lingerie bra that really helps her incredible jugs to stand out, Sofi makes it clear to Sam that he can have anything he wants. When Sam doesn't get the hint quite well enough from her bigtit cleavage, Sofi starts unbuttoning her shirt. Her next attempt is to drop a pencil and spread her legs wide open when Sam bends down to pick it up. Sam definitely stares, but he doesn't take her up on the sensual offer.Getting up to grab some coffee, Sofi brings out the big guns. She accidentally on purpose spills the hot beverage on Sam. Popping her titties out of her bra one at a time, Sofi peers over her glasses to ensure that Sam can see how serious she is. Then she leans forward to clean up her mess, which of course leads to her stroking Sam's hard cock.Now that Sam's resistance has finally been worn down, Sofi guides him to the bedroom so she can have a thorough study session of his hot body. She kneels over Sam's prone body so he fills his palms with her big boobs and his mouth with her hard nipples. The whole time, Sofi's bottom and cooch rock against Sam's hardon. Eventually, she can't wait another moment before scooting down his body and going to work sucking him off.Sofi's BJ only ends when she knows she's going to get her pussy pounded. She lays back and slips her hands to her titties as Sam drives into her. Hooking one ankle around Sam's neck, Sofi opens herself up completely to his ministrations. Her moans only get louder when she gets on her knees so that Sam can deliver the doggy style pussy pounding she's been dreaming of. Still on her knees, Sofi turns around and props her tits up like a shelf. Sam gets the hint. Taking his hardon in hand, he takes aim and nuts all over Sofi's considerable chest. Happily covered in cum, Sofi declares their study session a success.
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