Charming erotic together with Matt Denae. My Eyes Are Up Here

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Matt Denae is hard at work when his assistant, Simon Kitty, joins him. Matt has a huge crush on Simon, and the feeling is very mutual. When Simon accidentally on purpose knocks a pen off her desk, she instantly comes at him about looking at her ass. Then she comes at him about staring at her boobs as he gets increasingly flustered.Simon's pretend anger melts away as she takes one of Matt's hands and puts it on her tits. Then she grabs his face and shoves it between her breasts to motorboat those soft globes. Pulling down her shirt and bra, Simon guides Matt's face lower. He obeys that unspoken demand, squeezing her tits and delivering openmouthed kisses to the hard nipples.Simon gives in to her seductive side as she hops onto her desk and leans backwards, parting her legs in invitation. Fully committed to Simon's pleasure now, Matt drops to his knees to accept her invitation. He hikes up her miniskirt and tugs her thong to the side to make room for his mouth. Putting his tongue to work, Matt licks and sucks every inch of Simon's slippery vulva.When Matt gets to his feet, it's a simple thing to drop his pants and shove his stiffie into Simon's velvet glove. He gives it to her as Simon throws her head back in carnal delight. Their fun is just beginning as they relocate to the couch, where Simon sucks her own juices off. Rearing back, Simon pulls her big boobies out for a tittie fuck.Since Matt is already on his back, it's a simple thing for Simon to climb aboard and ride that stiffie. Reverse cowgirl is a delight, but getting pounded in doggy is even hotter. Her tits jiggle with every thrust, winding her even higher.The officemates finish their liaison with Matt on his back and Simon on top. She takes her time, riding in cowgirl and leaning forward so Matt can worship her breasts the way they deserve. In return, Simon uses those boobs to bring Matt to the brink. Finishing him off with a handie, Simon directs his nut all over her chest. Massaging it in and taking a few licks, Simon smiles up at her new fuck buddy.
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